This painting is a story, an abstract narration of the world. It’s an abstract artwork but it takes after the idea of large figurative frescos.

The idea was to represent the world in its three dimensions: Natural (physical and biological world; mineral and organic world), Mental (human and creative thought), and Spiritual. What is man’s place in this world since the coming of Greek thinking, which also employs the correspondent trilogy of pathos, logos and ethos notions. Thinking [Penser in French] and painting the world in all its diversity, complexity and fragility. Recognizing its suffering and dressing [Panser in French] its wounds. That’s what the major theme of the work is.

(Interview by A. Carrier, Corsica 2015)

pansee_complete HD

Acrylic on canvas, 2015, (12 panels for a 3 and 6-ptych) 30 x 10 feet / 9 x 3 m

Publication Exposition Montpellier 2015

Presentation of “LA PANSÉE”