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François Le Gall is, among other things a biologist, and as such, he is fascinated by the evolution of species. Inclinaison’s, are fascinating sequences of portraits, all derived from the same charcoal drawing. Musing on the question of “how new generations of people, who have learned to think and see digitally and on pixilated screens, now see,” the artist asked himself, “have their brains actually adapted to a new way of seeing? Can they even see a simple hand drawing?” This led Le Gall to upload his charcoal profile drawing onto his laptop. “I began to see a secret conversation between the screen and the drawing, and noticed that, depending on the angle of approach, the drawing changed and gave off a new and different feeling from the original head!” He produced hundreds computer images, each showing slight variations in the angles of view.

“What I saw, as new generations of images were created, reminded me of what scientists call genetic drift; the very slow and subtle variation in life-forms over eons of random evolutionary change. Here is where my scientific and artistic natures came together!” Thus Le Gall’s computer generated conversation between an original hand drawing and the screen image evolved the way families do. All individuals appear to be different when seen from slightly different biological, temporal, and psychological inclinations. But when seen in infinitely mutating variation, it is difficult not to understand that we are all the same. There is something about the digital revolution that makes, and will continue to make this new way of seeing possible. François Le Gall’s explorations of the complexities of the ways a simple line can be drawn represent that new way of seeing in the world of handmade fine art.

Florie Gilbard (Essay on artist Francois Le Gall, 2013)