François Le Gall is a French artist of Mediterranean (Corsica) and Celtic (Brittany) origin. He was born in Albi but spent his entire childhood in South America and Africa. He returned to France to study veterinary medicine. François spent most of his career in international development in Africa, Asia and Latin America while based at the World Bank Headquarters Washington, DC.

A visual thinker and a scientist at heart, engrossed by the concept of evolution of species, his vision of the world and sense of aesthetics are also deeply influenced by a lifelong exposure to African art, European masters as well as American abstract expressionists.

While he drew, as a pastime, for decades, François only began experimenting painting in earnest in 2010. Painting quickly became the ultimate way to express ideas and convey meaning, and trigger feelings and emotions.

His work has been shown in the United States and Europe and is owned by private collections.

Artist Statement

“I am a visual thinker, self-taught painter, combining my scientific and artistic natures, into abstract or semi-figurative images. Influenced by my international background and global work, I am exploring new ways of ‘seeing’ in the world of handmade fine art. My central questions concern the fundamental nature of putting marks on a surface.”

Artist at Work  A video of the making of  “La Pansée”