François is an abstractionist whose technique reveals a tendency toward simplicity in capturing essentials while avoiding distraction, with a small number of exceptions in which he employs semi-figurative imagery to portray specific content.

I used a range of technics that all identify my painting. Among these I have no particular preference. Each of them has its function and gives out its own emotion. Most of the time, the desired effect is reached by combining several technics.”

His method entails long preparation followed by rapid execution, most often aiming to depict simple gestures that generate complex results, visual effects which carry sufficient impact to make the viewer feel transformed. His primary media are acrylic, ink and oil, used on various supports.

“Post-modernism stands for diversity and inclusion. Any and all artistic memes of the “isms” of the past century can be and are combined to create either a visual mish-mash in the worst case, or brilliant new imagery in the best. François Le Gall’s exquisite, elegant work falls, easily into the latter group.” Florie Gilbard, 2013